5 Tracks That’ll Make You Cry

We’ve all been there.

Looking in the mirror.

Squishing our cheek as the tears trickle and our bottom lip curls like a fortune fish.

Having a good old cry is human; sometimes letting the sobs roll releases oxytocin (a happy hormone).

But if you’re anything like me (God help you if you are), I always turn to my ‘chill’ playlist which is essentially a cover-up for ‘sad songs’.

As I feel the lump in my throat swell like a berroca hitting the glass of water after a boozy night, I turn straight to the tracks which will always kickstart the floods.

You might just be stuck on what to tune into when a little cathartic release is about to hit. Well, have no fear because my top 5 songs for you to ‘ugly cry’ to are here…

#1 RY X – Berlin

#2 Honne – Crying Over You

#3 Billie Eilish – when the party’s over

#4 Conan Gray – Heather

#5 M83 – Wait

Just in case…

Although it’s very healthy and entirely normal to enjoy a good cry – remember to always speak to someone close to you or your GP if things feel too tough.

Listening to music is a great way to channel and figure things out in your head but if your mood is dipping, there is always someone there and most importantly, always an answer!

I’ll pop a few links below if you could do with a little direction on where to go.




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