5 Tracks To Kickstart January

It’s January and don’t we know it.

The bluest month is here in full force. After 2021 handing us a questionable hand of the good, the bad & the very ugly, we’ve made it.

The first week feels muddy and murky, doesn’t it? Should I start my detox NOW or devour the last of the Cadbury Milk Tray because if it’s finished then it’s out of sight? Do I still revel in wearing pyjamas until 3pm or debut the new garms that I kindly (and persistently) hinted for on the Christmas wishlist?

One thing that can be guaranteed as the start of 2022 reveals itself (eeek), is that new music will be flooding our streaming dashboards, charts, and of course TikTok more than ever before.

Here are 5 NEW tracks that might just help ya swing out of bed and into motion – thank me later.


#2 Feels Right – Biig Piig

#3 FANTAZIA – Roy Blair

#4 Intimidated (feat. H.E.R)

#5 Billie (Loving Arms) – Fred again…

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