Artists To Follow: The Flitz – ‘Ello’ Ello’

The Flitz have just released their fifth single ‘Ello’ Ello’, succeeding previous tracks ‘Plain Jane’, ‘Dancefloor Dramas’ & more.

Hailing from London, the indie-rock quartet, formed by Dan, James, Ben & Mike, show that they are flourishing with a fresh style in their new single.

Inspired by the likes of indie giants Oasis & The Verve, ‘Ello’ Ello’ reveals a melodic chorus that pinpoints all the alt-indie goodness you need to kickstart your day.

It’s easy to fall into the same vast pool of alt-indie material, where it’s angsty and the lyrics remain ‘edgy’, but ‘Ello’ Ello’ is a track with an identity of its own. It reflects on The Flitz’ authentic sound and promising career ahead.

Listen to ‘Ello’ Ello’ HERE

Watch new music video HERE

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