What is there to say?

Welcome to Scarlett Notes, a blog for all things music and just a little more with discussions about mental health and travel too.
Scarlett Notes began towards the end of 2016 and has been blossoming ever since into a platform for open discussion and guidance on music and mental health, predominantly.
With the exciting year of 2019 here, Scarlett Notes will be graduating into a posting schedule to provide consistency and clarity along with the presentation of new information for those looking for help, tips and enlightenment on different aspects of the music industry!
  • Tuesday: Music Review
  • Sunday: Top 10 Must Listen Weekly
Scarlett Notes has a YouTube channel where the main video and weekly vlog will be uploaded each week discussing different aspects of the music industry. This may be through week-long challenges or having guest speakers. One thing that can be assured is variety.
If you are a musician, band or work within the industry and would like an article put together about your magical achievements or amazing aspirations then please don’t hesitate to pop a message on here, or alternatively email
Scarlett Notes would love to hear from you!
There is always a small waiting list but our word can be given that if you have got in contact, a piece will be published! All we ask for in return is that you share share share the post like no tomorrow!
Without further ado, give Scarlett Notes alike and a follow, and most importantly: welcome!!


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